How To Get Free Avatar In 8 Ball Pool Game 2023

How To Get Free Avatar In 8 Ball Pool Game 2023

How To Get Free Avatar In 8 Ball Pool? Today we will see about a trick, by applying which you can get free Avatar of 8 ball pool game. Read the full Article to get into 8 ball pool for free. Because even a single step of the trick should not be missed. Let’s start and see how the tips and tricks will work. First of all, you see the account of 8 ball pool.

How To Get Free Avatar In 8 Ball Pool Game 2023

In which all our pad Avatars are there but we have not bought them. There is also something here which is quite an expensive budget. Here we go by taking one example.

How To Get Free Avatar In 8 Ball Pool Game 2023

So you have to come here. After coming here, if you guys want to buy this one. For free, you can see its name here as you can see here. That its name is Nike. Now let me tell you a trick. That by using this trick you people can get free Avatar. After that you have to go. After coming here in your phone chrome or any browser, you have to type in the search bar. 8 ball pool Avatar has to be searched.

How To Get Free Avatar In 8 Ball Pool Game 2023

All good Avatars are paid in 8 Ball Pool Game.

So you guys can see. That many incarnations have come here.

How To Get Free Avatar In 8 Ball Pool Game 2023

If you do not find your Avatar here, then you people have to apply a trick. You just read the Article completely. Now you just have to apply a trick. What is that trick? I told you to see the name of the Avatar, you will remember. Now all you people know is his name. Search by typing with that name. For example, Nike 8 Ball Pool Avatar will have to be searched by typing in the search bar of the browser. Here you go to the section in the Logo Images, which is the Avatar of 8 ball pool named Nike. Have to download it. For example as you can see. The one who has come here.

How To Get Free Avatar In 8 Ball Pool Game 2023

Free Avatar

Clicking on it will open it in a new tab and download it. After downloading it, I will crop and separate the Nike one. Now you have to understand. How can you put or use the ID of 8 ball pool. There is a trick. If you use Miniclip’s account or use Facebook’s account. So you can apply or use directly. But you are using Miniclip’s account. So I am going to tell you such a trick. So that you people can use this Avatar. That too absolutely free. We first open the account of Miniclip. You have to install an application to open Miniclip’s account in your phone like this. whose name is. If you are using Puffin Browser on PC, then you can use it in any browser. You will easily find this app on the Play Store.

After installing Puffin Browser, you have to open it, after opening it, you have to set it on desktop mode. After that we will see Miniclip will be open. And I’ll login to my Miniclip account. Similarly, you people also have to login your account. As you can see. My Miniclip ID is login.

Always be a winner of 8 ball pool.

Now you have to follow the steps properly. Here the ID of Miniclip is showing to you. Where your name is showing. There you have to click on the logo. After that you guys have to go. After going to Edit Profile in Edit Profile, you will see 2 options there. But before that you have to login a Facebook ID in this browser here. When you login Facebook ID. Then you have to take care. Then you have to put Profile Pic in Facebook account. For example, this is that pic. Which is our Avatar. We have to apply the logo. We took that Avatar for example.

That Avatar is engaged. You have to put on that Avatar here on.

You have to login to Facebook here.

So you will see the option of Facebook here. You have to login from here.

After that you will see the option of Facebook. You have to click it. After that continue. As soon as you continue. Both your IDs will be linked. Will it happen or will your profile change? But he has to change first.

Perform Make Your Shots in 8 Ball Pool Game.

Now the profile of the face will appear. You have to click on it. After that go to Edit Profile. After going to edit profile, you will come down while scrolling down.

And here you can see. There will be 2 profile shows here.

You click on the new one. But you have to keep one thing in mind. Which you will create Facebook ID. They will create with the same name that you want to show on Miniclip, after that click on save. So you can see. Avatar will change.

So it means That’s the Avatar you’ve set. He has come here now. Your new Avatar will come here, not that pic here which you did not want. So this is the trick. Basically to use Avatar for free.

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