26 May 2023 The Hindu Editorial & Vocab Analysis 

Words are energy; use them cautiously

The Hindu editorial today in Hindi

Words are like hammers, one can either swing them around recklessly and break stuff or use them to build something worthwhile

In the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

Since childhood, we have all been told by our elders to never hurt the person using harsh words and instead be kind and give respect for we will be showered with the same.

The power of words is beyond expression, it defines what the person wants to express. Words form an important part of an individual’s life. Different people use different words to communicate with their friends and family. They are used to conduct business and to discipline children. Politicians use words to convince others that they’re the best candidate. Words form a huge part of every aspect of our lives. They carry an enormous weight that can either make the other feel good or humiliated. Words do give out energy, evoke emotions and set the tone for back-and-forth conversation. However, words form one of the reasons that one person lives a life of abundance while another lives a life of lack. Words can open doorways that hands cannot. They can break down invisible boundaries. There is simply no value put on words, one can all speak them; they don’t cost any money, as they are free to all and are simply not appreciated. When words no longer hold to their meaning, then communication is hampered and misunderstandings arise. It is the context of the usage of words that is important for understanding.

It’s only the words that create the world for both- oneself and others. When a person changes the words, they change the outlook to a positive one. One must always look for hope and strive for more thoughtful words that inspire an individual to always want better and do better.

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Bruce Lee once said, never speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke. The body doesn’t know the difference. Words are energy and cast spells, that’s why it is called spelling. Change the way you speak about yourself and you can change your life. What one is not changing, you are not choosing.

Today, understanding the value of words has become one of the biggest opportunities not only to improve life but to help an individual in improving key business areas. Words are like hammers. One can either swing them around recklessly and break stuff or use them carefully to build stuff. Remember, words are the vehicle that transforms thoughts, feelings and emotions into concrete phrases or stories that may either spark curiosity or confuse an individual on a negative front. Words do inspire but only actions create changes. The use of inspiring or good words allows an individual to understand each other better and can be a lifesaver tool while negative words spark the fight-or-flight response as the brain senses a discrepancy between how and what an individual feels.

The real way to watch an individual’s words is to watch their heart because there is a direct line from the heart to the tongue. Remember, to watch the heart by storing good things in it. It is only then can an individual strive to use words towards the path of growing success and happiness.

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF 2023 


1. Cautiously (adverb) – Carefully, watchfully, thoughtfully, vigilantly, gingerly सावधानी से

2. Hammer (noun) – Mallet, gavel, maul, pestle, sledgehammer हथौड़ा

3. Swing around (phrasal verb) – To spin or turn rapidly around in the opposite direction. बदलना, मुड़ना

4. Recklessly (adverb) – Carelessly, heedlessly, rashly, haphazardly, impulsively लापरवाही से

5. Stuff (noun) – Material, substance, items, goods, things सामग्री

6. Worthwhile (adjective) – Valuable, beneficial, meaningful, substantial, rewarding सार्थक

7. Knowing (noun) – Awareness, comprehension, understanding, knowledge, cognition जानकारी

8. Willing (noun) – Eagerness, readiness, preparedness, inclination, desire इच्छा

9. Harsh (adjective) – Cruel, severe, brutal, stern, tough कठोर

10. Kind (adjective) – Gentle, considerate, compassionate, benevolent, caring दयालु

11. Shower (verb) – Bestow, pour, lavish, grant, heap बरसाना

12. Communicate (verb) – Convey, transmit, impart, disseminate, relay कहना

13. Conduct (verb) – Manage, administer, orchestrate, oversee, carry out आचरण करना

14. Discipline (verb) – Train, instruct, drill, coach, guide अनुशासित करना

15. Convince (verb) – Persuade, assure, satisfy, reassure, influence मनाना

16. Aspect (noun) – Facet, feature, element, component, part दयालु

17. Enormous (adjective) – Huge, massive, gigantic, colossal, vast विशाल

18. Weight (noun) – Importance, significance, influence, sway, heft महत्व

19. Humiliated (adjective) – Embarrassed, shamed, abashed, degraded, demeaned अपमानित

20. Give out (phrasal verb) – Emit, release, radiate, exude, ooze बाहर निकालना

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF with Hindi Meaning

21. Evoke (verb) Elicit, induce, provoke, spark, incite पैदा करना

22. Set the tone for (phrase) – Establish the mood for, determine the atmosphere for, give direction to निर्धारित करना

23. Back-and-forth (adjective) – Reciprocal, mutual, shared, joint, common आदान-प्रदान

24. Abundance (noun) – Plenty, affluence, wealth, copiousness, profusion प्रचुरता

25. Break down (phrasal verb) – Destroy, knock down, smash down, तोड़ना

26. Appreciate (verb) – Recognize, Value, Respect, Cherish, Praise प्रशंसा करना

27. Hamper (verb) – Obstruct, Hinder, Block, Restrain, Impede बाधा डालना

28. Context (noun) – Background, Circumstances, Situation, Framework, Setting संदर्भ

29. Outlook (noun) – Perspective, Attitude, Viewpoint, Mindset, Approach दृष्टिकोण

30. Strive (verb) – Endeavor, Struggle, Work hard, Aim, Seek प्रयास करना

31. Cast spells (phrase) – Enchant, Bewitch, Enthrall, Captivate, Mesmerize मंत्रमुग्ध करना

32. Transform (verb) – Change, Alter, Modify, Revolutionize, Convert परिवर्तन करना

33. Thought (noun) – Idea, Reflection, Consideration, View, Belief विचार

34. Concrete (adjective) – Tangible, Real, Solid, Substantial, Material ठोस

35. Spark (verb) – Ignite, Trigger, Stimulate, Provoke, Inspire पैदा करना

36. Curiosity (noun) – Interest, Inquisitiveness, Wonder, Fascination, Eagerness जिज्ञासा

37. Front (noun) – a particular situation or sphere of operation मोर्चे / पहलू

38. Inspire (verb) – Motivate, Encourage, Stimulate, Influence, Instigate प्रेरित करना

39. Fight-or-flight response (noun) – an automatic physiological reaction to an event that is perceived as stressful or frightening. लड़ने या भागने की प्रतिक्रिया

40. Sense (verb) – Perceive, Feel, Detect, Recognize, Discern महसूस करना

41. Discrepancy (noun) – Disagreement, Difference, Inconsistency, Divergence, Variation असंगति

42. Strive (noun) – Striving, Endeavour, Effort, Aim, Pursuit प्रयास


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